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Item Price Each Qty Total
Bug Off Spray 30ml $9.30
Ear Drops 30ml $19.20
First Aid Spray 30ml $19.20
Goldenseal/Echinacea Spray 30ml $19.20
Stress Spray 30ml $19.20
Arnica Ointment 60ml $13.75
Dermatech Ointment 60ml $13.75
Regenerative Ointment 60ml $13.75
Arthritex (Arthritis Formulae) 100ml $25.10
Bilberry (Glyc) 100ml $25.10
Cardex (Heart) 100ml $25.10
Chamomile 100ml $25.10
Eliminex (Detoxifier) 100ml $25.10
Ginkgo Biloba (Glyc) 100ml $25.10
Glandex 100ml $25.10
Immune Extracts 100ml $25.10
K & B Extract 100ml $25.10
Laxex (Laxative) 100ml $25.10
Mega-Min 100ml $25.10
Milk Thistle (Glyc) 100ml $25.10
Red Raspberry 100ml $10.95
Regenerex 100ml $25.10
Respex (Respiratory) 100ml $25.10
St. John's Wort 100ml $25.10
Stressex 100ml $25.10
Wormex 100ml $25.10
Product Manual $11.20
Display Stand $5.00
Shelf Talkers (n/c)    
Product Booklet (50 per pkg) $11.00

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